<![CDATA[Price list for Dentists in Tijuana Mexico, plastic surgery and gastric sleeve - Blog]]>Sat, 27 Feb 2016 04:22:50 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[A New Smile in Tijuana, Mexico]]>Wed, 14 Oct 2015 17:14:22 GMThttp://www.bajamedicalconsultants.com/blog/a-new-smile-in-mexicali-mexicoI had never liked my smile, but through the years my teeth had become worn down and chipped, and so my smile was even worse. I have to say that now, after placing 18 crowns, 10 uppers, and 8 lowers, I finally have the smile of my dreams. I still can't get over how great my teeth look! The dentists from Baja Dental Group are fantastic. I am retired, and could never have afforded this in the US. My local dentist had quoted me $22,000, but in Mexicali, it only cost me $6300, and that was placing zirconia crowns, which are the best crowns made. I am very happy! Thanks to the dentist Dr. Slim and staff!!   Jim Garza, Phoenix, AZ]]><![CDATA[16 months after Gastric Sleeve surgery]]>Sat, 27 Sep 2014 19:33:40 GMThttp://www.bajamedicalconsultants.com/blog/16-months-after-gastric-sleeve-surgery-at-medacThis is Jim Crayne again. It has now been 16 months since I had the Gastric Sleeve surgery.  I have lost 125 pounds, having gone from 340 lbs to 215 lbs. There have been a lot of major changes in my life, (as well as my wardrobe!!). My blood pressure was extremely high, and meds could not get it under control. Now i only take about 1/3 the amount of medication, and my blood pressure is finally well within the acceptable levels. 117 over 70.  I finally can go out and walk my dog, without running out of breath, and am actually working out a couple of times a week in the gym.  My waist went from 56 inches to 38.  I still have a way to go, but am starting to get a lot closer to my desired weight. 

The first 3 months, the weight fell off, and I lost 50 pounds. After that, it was a lot slower. I found that I had leveled off, and stopped lossing about 3 months ago. So I then decided to watch what I eat more carefully, and with the work in the gym, I have lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks.  

I have a friend who had the same surgery, but has started gaining weight again.  But I saw that when I was with hime, he is eating twice as much as I do, and eats a lot of meat.  This surgery is a tool, and not going to work in the long run, if you don't take care of yourself.  If you eat crap, you will start to gain again. If you over eat, you can start to stretch out your stomach, and increase the volume again. But I found this surgey to be a great way to get my weight under control, and to start to make the lifestyle changes to keep the weight off. 

<![CDATA[Mexico Gastric sleeve - week 1]]>Sat, 27 Apr 2013 18:06:37 GMThttp://www.bajamedicalconsultants.com/blog/patient-experience-gastric-sleeveMy experience of Gastric Sleeve surgery, by Jim Crayne:

This is day 9 of my gastric sleeve surgery, which was done through the services of Baja Group in Mexicali. I just wanted to make a few notes of  what I have felt, and experienced thus far. Maybe my experiences can be of  benefit to someone else, who is getting ready to go through this too. I wish I had read up on what to expect, so I would have felt more assured as I went  through certain things. If you are prepared, and know what to expect, I am sure it will make things easier.

First, I wanted to mention that where I had the surgery done is a small private hospital where they have a couple of operating rooms, and some private rooms for patients that require nursing care for a few days. Although the gastric sleeve surgery requires a 3  day stay, most of the surgeries done are out-patient plastic  surgeries, or those that require one or two night stays. The operating rooms are  modern, and well equipped. The clinic is very clean, and the staff is well  trained. The best thing is that all the surgeons are very experienced. The  bariatric surgeon, who did my surgery, has done over 15,000 procedures. 
The worst thing I went through was the first few hours after  waking up in the recovery room. My mouth felt so very dry, and I felt like my throat was going to stick closed. I felt anxiety and tried not to panic. At first, I couldn’t even rinse my mouth out because since it was just after the surgery, even a drop of water down my throat would not have been good. After an hour, the nurses let me rinse my mouth, but I had to spit it all out. However, this did little to relieve me because my mouth was not producing saliva. Eventually, after 5 or 6 hours, my mouth did start to produce saliva, and I felt much better. After that, my mouth was never dry, probably because I was hooked  up to an I.V. for the entire time in the hospital. The next day I was allowed to  start sucking ice chips. The third day, I could sip a little water.

 As for pain, I was surprised at how little pain I have felt from  the incisions. My muscles are still a little sore, but it has never been any big  deal at all. The thing I have disliked the most is the drain tube place in my  side. The tube goes into a plastic bulb to catch the liquids. The air in the  bulb is squeezed out, and a stopped is placed in the air vent. This causes a  constant vacuum, so that the fluids and blood in the periodontal cavity are  sucked out. The problem is, the bulb dangles at the end of the tube, and it  makes it awkward. While I am dressed, I just shove the bulb in my pocket. But  when I bath, it just dangles. It does cause some discomfort and bugs me. The  doctor told me that in two more days, he will take it out. He said that when no more fluid drains out, it will be o.k. to remove.

 After getting out of the hospital, the doctor will put you on a  strict all liquid diet for the first week, which then graduates to creams and  purees. They told me it will be about a week before I can eat small portions of  real food.  The truth is, the whole  time I was in the hospital I never felt hungry. When I first started to sip  broth, it tasted sooo good, I tended to want to sip a little too fast, and it  would hurt and feel uncomfortable. I had to learn to take it very slow. Although I have not felt strong hunger, I have years of feeling I need to eat a certain amount to be satisfied, and now if I let too much go down the hatch, I  feel some discomfort and a little pain. I guess that this is how it is supposed to work to retrain me to always eat small amounts.  After the first week, I can tell that I will eventually be able to eat almost anything, but in small amounts. It will be important to never overeat, because it can start to stretch your stomach back to where you can eat the same amount, and I don’t want to start gaining weight

Psychological factors:  I am a pretty stable person, not given  to a lot of mood swings. So it took me by surprise when I started having anxiety  and depression. I realize that no matter how strong a personality a person has,  it is normal to have post-operative anxiety. I just was not prepared for it.  When it hit me was on the day after I got home. I was trying to drink some water, which has been the hardest thing for me to drink. It was uncomfortable to drink and it hurt a little. Suddenly I started to feel a little panic, like I was  suffocating, and the though hit me, “You are never going to be able to drink  normal again, nor ever enjoy eating a meal for the rest of your life”. I  remembered how I loved eating, and how good it felt, and I started to feel like  what a terrible mistake I had irrevocably made.  

I wanted to put this down for readers, because you will probably  feel the same thing. Be prepared to feel regret over your decision. The thing  is, the feeling is not based on reality. It is based on the after effects of  anesthesia, and having gone through a major surgery. Just know the feeling will  go away. I also felt anxiety over other little things that had nothing to do  with the surgery. What helped me was to talk to other people who had gone through the same or similar procedures, and taking some valium. The valium took  the edge off the anxiety, and talking to others gave me the assurance that I  really would be able to eat things again. In a couple of days, the anxiety has  disappeared. I realize now that I actually could regain the full volume of my  stomach, because it could eventually stretch out, and that is the last thing I  want, at least not until I lose all the weight and get healthy. The thought of  getting diabetes, or having a stroke, or dying of a heart attack, which is what  will happen if I gain the weight back, keeps me motivated.  
Concerning the psychological issues, the best way to deal with
it is to be mentally prepared before the surgery. Know up front that you may
begin to feel anxiety, and know that it will go away. Don’t be afraid to ask the
doctor for a prescription for a sedative that you can place under the tongue for
those bad moments. Before the day you have your operation, make contact with others that have had this type of surgery, and use them for support when you go  through the valley of emotions.

Weight loss:
What can you expect in the first weeks? We are all different, so it is not the same for everyone.  The heavier you are, the more weight you will lose, but the results will vary. I  found that my pre-op diet caused me to lose 10 lbs. How much was real, and how  much just water, I don’t know. The pre-op diet was plain yogurt and water for  three days. The day after I got home, 3 days after the surgery, I had gained 6  pounds of the 10 pounds I had lost. I had not defecated since 2 days prior to  the surgery. When I started defecate, at first it was small amounts that were  hard like constipation. Then the diarrhea hit me. The diarrhea stopped after a  couple of days, and I am normal now. Starting with the pre-op diet until today, 12 days in total, my weight has dropped 23 lbs. I believe this is real weight loss.  (People all say that they  can already see a difference).  I  have decided that I will weigh myself only once a week, for the first two  months, during the greatest weight loss. After that, I will only weigh myself  once a month. I don’t want to be  obsessed with the weight loss, my main goal is to get healthy, and in better  shape. I also know that there are ups and downs in the weight loss process, and  there will be times that a week or more goes by, with no visible change. By  waiting enough time between weigh-ins, I won’t get discouraged.  

<![CDATA[Rhinoplasty - Nose Job]]>Mon, 28 Jan 2013 16:40:06 GMThttp://www.bajamedicalconsultants.com/blog/tijuana-rhinoplasty-nose-job, For a long time I’ve been in search of a clinic or facility that can help me fix my nose.  Though it seems that having your nose done is quite normal these days, I still felt apprehensive about the procedure since it is a surgery that affects one’s appearance. I needed to feel secure about the risks involving it.

Fortunately, I found Baja Medical Group and though it was in Mexicali, Mexico, I felt that it didn’t matter where the clinic was as long as they will treat me right and do a good job and a successful operation.  They didn’t fail at all.  As soon as I came for my pre-consultation, they made every possible effort to make me feel comfortable and to alleviate my nervousness about my upcoming procedure.  The doctor who took charge of me was very patient, very kind and very confident since he’s done several thousand nose jobs.  I was able to feel reassured that I was in the right hands.

Once the operation was done, I took my time in the recovery room and I appreciated the fact that they monitored me and made sure I was doing well.  Now several weeks later, I am all healed up, the swelling is gone, and I look fantastic. I can’t believe the difference this has made. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I can only say good things about my experience with Baja Group.  I highly recommend them for your cosmetic surgery procedures. 

Ana Maria Gonzalez, Glendale, AZ

<![CDATA[Breast implants in┬áMexico]]>Tue, 09 Oct 2012 13:11:14 GMThttp://www.bajamedicalconsultants.com/blog/breast-implants-inmexicoI had been waiting a long time for my breast implants procedure, there’s no doubt about it. But what stopped me before wasn’t the cost, but what other people’s reaction to the actual procedure will be. When people used to hear about women
getting breast augmentation, they naturally assumed the worst and they thought
you’re a “wanna-be celebrity” for even contemplating on increasing your breast
size.  But that’s in the past and  improvements in breast augmentation procedures have only increased my determination to get mine as soon as I was able.

Now, as soon as I’ve decided I was going to have breast augmentation done, the next question was where. Of course, having it done right here in my own country was my first choice but costs were prohibitive so I have to look elsewhere. The MEDAC Medical Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico sounded like a good choice, since they are so close to the US, and they have nice facilities.  Their proximity to the US is actually one of their advantages and their doctors apparently have a lot of clients, which gives them a lot of experience.

Going to Mexico to have my breast augmentation was a first.  I felt very relieved
when I saw how comfortable their office and clinic were and my nervousness
abated when I saw how well-equipped their operating rooms are. They really specialize in cosmetic surgery and the staff knew how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable while you’re there.  

My doctor was very easy to talk with, very patient in explaining to me  just exactly what I have to undergo –both in surgery and with post-operative care - which made me appreciate the  time that he took to make me feel at ease.  I’ve been to some doctors who were so rushed to move on to the next patient that it felt like they weren’t really listening to me.  I was hooked when I felt that he really considered what I wanted and was very gentle in letting me know the realities of what can be

The surgery itself went pretty well and it was only a matter of time when I found myself in the recovery room.  They were closely monitoring my vitals and ready to help me if needed. The doctor talked with me very thoroughly about post operative care, and helped me to feel reashured.

All in all, I am very happy with the results and the discomfort  during the recovery period was minimal and expected.  Now, that I am fully recovered, I can honestly say I am satisfied with my  new breast size and I have to thank the doctors and staff at Baja Group for making my dream come true. 


<![CDATA[Breast Implants in Mexicali]]>Wed, 16 May 2012 12:58:19 GMThttp://www.bajamedicalconsultants.com/blog/breast-implants-is-tijuana

​Diana, When I first considered getting breast implants, it took not just one but multiple incidents of re-thinking and going over the facts before finally deciding on having my breast augmentation done with Baja Medical Group in Mexicali, Mexico. 
Naturally, I was apprehensive, because to be honest, I really wanted to have the breast augmentation procedure done in the US. But the reality is, insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery and this was the best option for me, under the circumstances.

I really have no regrets about my decision.  When I first went in for a consult, I
was immediately made welcome and comfortable by the friendly staff, which really
lessened the nervousness that I felt. Then I sat down with my doctor and we were going over my options, taking into account what I wanted done and what was realistic for my body figure.  He was very patient in explaining what the procedure would entail and whatever questions I had, he was able to answer.  It also helped that he has done the procedure hundreds of times, which speaks of his experience, and that somehow made it easier to make up my mind.  
The procedure itself was very ordinary.  I knew that I would be well-treated
because I saw first-hand how professional the staff was and how orderly,
organized and well-equipped the clinic was when I first went there. I was told beforehand that there will be soreness and stiffness a few days after the surgery but that pain was easily treated with medication which I was prescribed.  I had the option of staying overnight if I wanted to and I did because I didn’t want to travel as
soon as the surgery was done.  But it’s not necessary if you don’t want to. 
Recovery will really have to depend on how well you followed their post-operative instructions, so I did everthing they told me to do.  

Now that I am completely healed, and all the swelling has gone, I am very happy with how it all turned out. My breasts look completely natural, and you cannot see any scaring. I have recommended Baja Group to several of my friends.

Diana Jimenez, Las Vegas]]>
<![CDATA[Mexicali - Breast Augmentation]]>Fri, 20 Apr 2012 17:46:22 GMThttp://www.bajamedicalconsultants.com/blog/breast-augmentationThere are many cosmetic surgery procedures today  that have become very popular, like a face lift, a nose job or breast augmentation (breast implants).  It
was different for me, since the procedure that I needed to undergo was less
popular.  I needed breast reduction which was a slightly more complicated procedure than simply adding implants to increase your breast size.  It took
a while before I was ready to commit to the surgery and it was only because I
found Baja Medical Group, and was able to talk to the patient rep., that I felt convinced of my choice. The doctors and staff were the reason why I made up my mind to push forward with it, and do the surgery.

 Baja Medical Group uses a relatively small hospital, but it is fully-equipped, so that it is capable of handling complicated cosmetic surgery.  That is one of the
reasons why it was easy for me to decide to come to Mexicali, Mexico and have my
breast reduction done there. Aside from the fact that their doctors are highly-experienced surgeons, with an extremely long roster of satisfied clients, the staff in the clinic also exhibited a high degree of professionalism. Also, I was made to feel so welcome the moment I entered the clinic, and that’s saying a lot, especially
since most clients like me are conscientious and nervous when having to expose
themselves to strangers.  
Since breast reduction involves several steps more than breast augmentation, you can bet that I kept asking questions about each step so that I know exactly what I’m getting into. This has to be done so that you and your doctor can agree on the course of action for step in the process. You need not be afraid to ask questions because you need to know these things, especially the “after” results so that if anything feels “wrong” during recovery, you can immediately seek treatment for

Breast reduction often takes longer to recover from so you need to take this into account when you plan your procedure. You may have to miss some work days but if you really want to do this, then it’s a sacrifice that you have to make.  I especially liked the fact that post-operative instructions were given me when the surgery was done so that I knew exactly what to do, what to avoid and basically how to take care of myself after surgery.  It’s a plus that gets overlooked by some clinics and that’s why, I highly recommend Baja Medical Group.  Veronica P., Las Vegas, NV